Bangalore- The Garden City, The silicon valley, The Pensioners Paradise, The city of Lakes, The City of Dogs, the Pub Capital and the tags goes on. Known for making all feel at home, the city accepts all, loves all. The climate, food, culture, pubs, malls, the impeccable restaurants everything in this city is loved and the reason of everyone’s happiness. 
The concept of this poster is the amalgamation of all the above showing a sharp distinction in its day life and the night life. In this poster I have shown the two most popular drinks driving the lifestyle. 
Coffee/Tea is in every vein, young, old, poor, rich, the amount of tea/coffee stall in this city is incomparable. The autos in this city hold their own special value. People in Lungis are seen everywhere, if not for people doing Lungi Dance. The greenness of this city is none like any other big city. Every street is under shade. Literally. Old couples and groups spend their evenings relaxing in the nicely made gardens. 
This city is ever changing. The blast of IT sector and colleges has given this city its unique identity of a controlled night life. Beer is the most loved and cherished drink in this city. And the newly built metro is the most happening thing here. Numerous culture and food habits has been adopted, making it a cluster of diversity. It is also the start-up hub, where it is giving shelter to the creative and freshly brewed ideas. Events, concerts, Meet ups this city has a lot to give to the youngsters. 
This city is both for the old and for the younger generation, attracting thousands of students and employees every year. 
Even if you know no one, you will always feel at home in this city. 
That’s the charisma of Namma Bengaluru (My Bangalore).
Final Design

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